Brain Blinks TV is WTFderful

I like to explore the intersection of art and technology and my YouTube channel has become a storehouse for the results of my experiments. I've posted over 400 videos since I joined up in 2005. There's a little bit of everything on there, but there are a few subjects that I tend to focus on. 

3D fractal animations
I became slightly obsessed with these new fractal shapes and have spent hundreds of hours wandering in the Mandelverse, bringing back pictures and videos to document my explorations. 

My most popular videos are tutorials that show how to use an app called Mandelbulb 3D to create pictures and animations. I’ve spent many hours learning the ins and outs of M3D and it’s nice to be able to share what I’ve learned. I even show you how to grab the 3D shapes from the Mandelverse and bring em into your favorite 3D modelling apps. 

Game development diaries
For the last several years I've been working with the Unity game engine, expanding my coding skills and developing several experimental games. My longest running project is a simulation of artificial life called Breeders. I sometimes post video diaries to document my progress and discuss my ideas for changes and improvements.

Nature Videos
I heart Mother Nature and I love to meditate on the shapes, colors and motions that she creates. I've also created a large collection of Creative Commons licensed stock videos. You can find 'em on

Symmetry, Slitscan, Slow Motion and other WTFderful things
I love to experiment with motion, color, and time.