Game assets, textures, and 3D models

Welcome to the Brain Blinks Stockpile - a growing collection of pay what you want game assets. You'll find a whole forest full of unusual plants, dozens of all-natural tiling textures, and a smattering of geometric whatchamacallits. Creative Commons licensed and ready for use in your next personal, educational, or commercial project.

Grab what you need and pay any amount you like.

Can't afford to pay? That's OK - just grab 'em and go. If you find a good use for something you can come back and show your support later. The more donations I get the more new stuff I'll add. 

I'd like to hear your suggestions for future additions to the Stockpile. I enjoy making all sorts of landscape and nature-related objects, tiling textures, fractal doodads, and geometric shapes. I'll consider other categories, too - gotta stretch out of my comfort zone every so often. You can send your ideas via my Contact page.


Creative Commons License
The Brain Blinks Stockpile by Don Whitaker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.