Crashed Lander is a 3D, gravity-based arcade game with Oculus Rift support. It's inspired by classics like Lunar Lander and Space Taxi. You'll pilot your craft from pad to pad trying to beat your best time – then flirt with that fine line between speed and control. If you’re brave enough to try Hard Mode you’ll be flopping around like a QWOPy, low gravity turtle. With a little practice you’ll be zippin' around doin' barrel rolls.  

  • Pad Hopper mode includes 24 levels to conquer and explore
  • 20 levels in Ring Runner mode - fly through preset courses
  • Full Oculus Rift support
  • Full (xbox 360) controller support
  • Hidden collectibles on every level
  • An hour of my own spacey, glitch-hop music -  mp3's included
  • Bizarre alien landscapes with organic, 3D fractal shapes
  • Physics based puzzles and challenges
  • Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux versions

Available for Windows, OSX, and Linux on Steam and

This is a one-man project created and coded by Don Whitaker.

"I'm a 46 year old digital tinkerer living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. I've been making things with computers for over 33 years using every creative tool I can get my hands on. For the last three years I've been using Unity to combine my various digital design skills into fun, experimental projects. I feel I'm ready now to launch a full-time game dev career and Crashed Lander is my first full-on game. 

You can see some of my other game experiments over on my BrainBlinks website. Widdly Tinks is a one-finger arcade game, Gravitas is a fun physics toy, and Breeders is a simulation of artificial life. " - Don Whitaker

Reviews of Crashed Lander:

“Crashed lander is really great! Play it with the autopilot off though ”
Bennett Foddy,

“'s set in a wonderfully bizarre alien world that's absolutely worth exploring,”
Konstantinos Dimopoulos, 

“Crashing is just as rewarding as landing, which transforms Crashed Lander from an interesting experiment to a delightful low-gravity playground.”
Richard Moss, 

"a core game flight mechanic that will keep you entertained for hours"
David Whelan,

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