Pay What You Want experiment for my VR games

I've changed the prices on both of my VR games. You can now download them for free or Pay What You Want. If you do decide to pay you get a free Steam key.

These games have both kind of disappeared into the crowd of bigger, more mainstream games that have been released over the last year. I want to try this Pay What You Want as a way to let more people play 'em -  and maybe generate a little income. I can't really make any less money than I'm making with them now so it should be a win-win. []-)

Crashed Lander is my oldest game - released in the Rift DK1 days. Space Taxi style, physics-based gameplay. It's been updated a gaziliion times and still works well with current hardware. Somewhat intense in VR since the camera is constantly turning and rotating, but it can be a lot of fun if you are not sensitive to such things. Works on monitor, too.

Chunky Orbits is not really a game, more of a toy. It's a realistic physics sim that lets you get up close and personal with gravity. Create small 'solar systems', watch orbiting chunks coalesce into larger bodies, fling comets into the sun - all in a small, personal space that gives you a good feel for how gravity works.