Crashed Lander and Oculus Rift DK2

Update: New windows build has been posted that works with the DK2. OSX build soon. Check your or IndieGameStand accounts for the new version. 

Now that the DK2 is shipping and in the hands of a few lucky people, I wanted to post a quick update about Crashed Lander. 

Oculus has released a new SDK and Unity plugin for use with the DK2. I have the new tools integrated into Crashed Lander, but unfortunately there are problems preventing the release of the new version. Basically the realtime shadows are broken with Unity's Deferred rendering. Oculus knows about the problem and are hoping to have a fix ready soon. 

I thought about releasing a version with no shadows and simpler lighting, but it just looks bad. :)  It would also be a lot of work and probably not worth it for a temporary fix. In the meantime if you're lucky enough to have a DK2 you can try this method to get the current version of Crashed Lander to work for you.