Crashed Lander 2.0 is ready!

The full version of Crashed Lander is ready and available on IndieGameStand and itch.ioWo0t! It's been a long journey and I couldn't have done it without my IndieGoGo supporters, pre-purchasers and everyone who's given feedback and encouragement along the way. Thank you all very much. 

This final version features 24 Time Attack levels plus 10 levels of the new Ring Runner game mode. Instead of landing you'll be flying through the rings, trying to finish the courses as fast as you can. It can get pretty tense as you try to push faster and faster without going off-course. Looks great in VR mode with the rings whooshing by, too. 

I'm done for now, but of course I'll be supporting the game if any bugs or problems appear. There are features I'd still like to add to the game, too. If I can make enough sales to justify further dev time I'd like to add more levels, a customizable vehicle, and a few other surprises. When I finally make it on to Steam I'll be adding Steam Achievements and trading cards. I'll also be adding support for future versions of the Oculus Rift as new SDKs are released.

Got my head in the game. (^_^)