New (beta) version of Crashed Lander

Howdy Crashers! I've posted a new version of Crashed Lander to the Beta channel for all platforms. This version includes a new camera system and a few other cosmetic changes. It also includes some player-suggestions additions like a toggle for inverted mouselook and adjustments for the gamepad deadzone. 

To opt-in to the beta channel: Right-click on the game icon in your library, choose Properties from the pop-up menu, click on the Betas tab, then choose the _beta option inthe drop-down menu. Your game should update itself to the new version automatically. 

New version of Sky Is Falling

If you do try the beta I'd love to hear how it's working for you. Drop a note over on the forums or send me a message at Once I'm sure that the new version is working I'll push it over to the main channel for everyone to play. 

July 6th - v2.6 beta 

  • New, smoother camera. The cam now zooms out a little as the lander speeds up and smooths out the transition when you turn sharply. Looks nice and should be more comfortable for some people in VR. 
  • New keys to control the gamepad deadzone - 0 and 9. This should help folks who have old, very loose gamepads. Player suggestion. 
  • New key to toggle inverted mousleook - V. Player Suggestion. 
  • New version of the Sky is Falling and Ring Runner Twins levels. The landscapers finally came by and spruced the place up. :) New particle effects on these levels, too. 
  • New path the the Ring Runner Horns level. 
  • Optimized the Jungle Fog levels. The old version was causing poor performance on the Rift, so I cleaned it up a bit and put in a more efficient fog effect. 
  • Both game modes now share the same control scripts. This will make it easier to make changes in the future. 
  • New Brain Blinks splash screen on load. Skippable with spacebar or mouseclick. 
  • Music is now off on the tutorial level. Player Suggestion. 
  • Fixed a glitch where game gets stuck in slow-motion mode when restarting. 
  • New particle effects when the lander explodes.