Crashed Lander Alpha3 + Demo

Last week I released a new Alpha version of Crashed Lander. Here's the Changelog:

April 23rd - New Alpha version for pre-purchasers and indieGoGo supporters 

  • Added 5 new levels: Hollow, Tippy Tops, Orbits, BasketBalls, SwingSet
  • Tweaked the gamepad controls - less deadspace
  • New main menu - again (^_^)
  • Various performance improvements, fewer textures, smaller textures
  • More graphics setttings on launch
  • note: the XL Demo is now called Alpha version, free version called Demo version

I also released a new free demo version of the game that includes 5 levels and full gamepad support. Get 'em both over at You can also pre-purchase at IndieGameStand.

The next release is scheduled for May 14th. It'll be a feature-complete Beta release with some new levels, a tutorial, and a few examples of the new Ring Runner game mode!