IndieGoGo is done, but you can still pre-order

The Crashed Lander IndieGoGo campaign has run its course. I didn't reach my funding goal but there are too many positive results for me to consider it a failure. 

I spread the word about the game. There are lots of people who are now playing and enjoying Crashed Lander - and plenty more who at least know it exists and will be aware of the game when it releases. 

I got some great feedback that will help me shape the game as I continue working. I'm also more confident that it works on a wide variety of system configurations. 

I raised a little money - enough to pay a few bills. This also gives me a boost of confidence towards future sales of my games. 

Overall it was a great learning experience and I'm glad I gave it a shot. 

So what's next? 

I'm going to continue taking pre-orders. I'll still offer the free demo and the XL demo for anyone who pre-purchases the game. I've set up shop over at - head over there to download the demo and get details about buying Crashed Lander. 

More interesting fog on the Jungle Fog level

This week I'll be adding full (xbox 360) controller support to the XL demo. I've replaced my broken controller and can go ahead with the coding and fine-tuning.

I'd still like to launch the final game in June, even though I won't be able to spend all of my time on the project. My goals this month are to create 6 more levels. I also want to spend some time optimizing the game. I'm currently working on a machine without a dedicated 3D graphics card, so this is a good opportunity to get the game running lean and mean. :)