Brain Blinks Bulletin - Gearing Up

I've gotten out of the habit of posting updates on my blog. I'm active on Twitter and G+ but it's also nice to have some extra space to talk about what I'm currently working on and planning for the future. I'm going to make an effort to post here more often for anyone who's interested in what's going on behind the scenes in my studio. 

My main project right now is a VR version of my gravity simulation, Gravitas. I thought this project would be a great way to get used to developing for the Gear VR and it's working well. It's been a lot of fun re-working the sim for VR. It feels good to fly around inside the simulation rather than watching from the outside.  The Gear VR is a fantastic HMD. I'm getting good performance and it's a joy to play in VR without any cables. 

The gravitas control panel - "look to select" 

The gravitas control panel - "look to select" 

I'm nearly done, actually - I just need to finish adding the sound effects, touch up some of the UI and add some simple help screens. After that it'll be ready to submit to Samsung for inclusion in the Gear VR store. I'll also be releasing a version for the Oculus Rift. 

Speaking of the Rift -  I finally ordered a DK2! (^_^) I think it'll be here later this week. I've been too broke to afford one until now. I raised the money by hosting a sale on Crashed Lander over at They have a feature that lets you set a goal for sales and I think it encourages people to be a bit more generous when deciding how much to pay. It certainly worked this time around - some crazy/awesome person payed $250 for the game. o.O That pushed me over the top and I ordered the DK2 straight away. Thank you random amazing Internet person!

My next big project will be the Oculus Mobile VR Jam that starts on April 13th. Pretty exciting competition with a million dollars in prize money. With that much on the line I'm sure there will be some stiff competition, but I'm optimistic about my chances of landing in one of the prize spots. I have some solid VR design experience and I'm feeling comfortable working with the Gear VR. 

After the Jam I have several other projects to work on. I always have more ideas than I have time. :)  I want to make one more big update for Crashed Lander. I have a great idea for a new game mode and I also need to update the Rift support to use the newest Oculus SDK. I'm also tempted to prot Crashed Lander to the Gear VR. I've sone some quick tests of the idea and it would definitely be possible with a lot of work and some careful use of game assets.  XenoFarm got pushed to the back burner and I'd love to bring that back up to a simmer. I'll actually be using some of the ideas from that project for my VR Jam entry, so maybe those two will end up merging together at some point. 

I guess that's all the current happenings in my virtual studio. Follow me on Twitter: @KitchenDon for miscellaneous postings and bits of news, @BrainBlinks for game and product announcements.