Crashed Lander v3.0 is ready for testing.

Howdy Crashers. I've been working on another big update for Crashed Lander - version 3.0! This version includes all of the updates from the past year, plus: 

  • Spiffy new menus - the old ones were wonky. Built the new ones using Unity's UI tools and a little more planning.  Cool 360 panoramas give you a glimpse of the level before loading. 
  • Improved VR support. Now works easily on monitor, Rift, and Vive. 
  • First person camera. Often requested and quite a bit of fun. Switch cameras with the B button or C key 
  • Pause button fully pauses the game. The slow motion was neat but hard to go get a cup of coffee before you crashed and burned. 
  • New levels on the way later this week. 

    You can try out the v3beta for WIndows now. Just right-click on the game in your Steam Library, choose Properties, click the Betas tab, then choose v3beta from the dropdown menu. I'll start a thread in the forums for feedback and suggestions. I'd especially like to hear from VR players, and anyone playing on slower machines with integrated graphics cards. 

    Forum Thread for Feedback