Gravitas VR released for the Oculus Rift

I've created a new version of my physics toy, Gravitas, that works with the Oculus Rift. Get up-close and personal with gravity as you fly around inside of a realistic n-body simulation. 

I originally made the VR version of Gravitas for the Gear VR - but I guess it was a bit too weird and nerdy for the Oculus Home review team. It was rejected and never made it to the official store. No worries. The extra horsepower on a desktop PC lets you add 4 times as many boulders to the simulation and still hold the 75 FPS necessary for a smooth Rift experience. 

Coming Soon: Crashed Lander VR Remix

I've made some great progress on the Oculus Rift version of Crashed Lander. It's lookin pretty schweet! :) Even though I didn't design the original game with VR in mind it seems to be a good fit for the new design constraints. Great sense of depth, big open spaces to explore, and very little motion sickness - at least for me.

It's been a fun challenge changing the user interface, too. No more 2D HUDs - I've moved all the important info to in-world objects on the player's ship. Works well and looks really nifty, too. Right now I'm working on VR versions of the game menus and a couple of new Rift-only game levels. I should be a able to release the new version here in a week or two.

I haz a Rift

My Oculus Rift has finally arrived. :) I've been having a blast this week testing out the games and apps that are available and getting a feel for the display. I posted a few first impressions over on my G+ account. Basically - it's awesome!

It is a bit low rez and kind of awkward in this first Dev Kit version, but the hardware will improve and devs will quickly learn to take advantage of the hardware and build games to suit the new tech.

I've only had a few hours to try some of my own game projects with the Rift but I am very excited about the possibilities. It's very easy to get the basic support working and I'm confident that I can get it all working well. I should have Rift enabled versions of most of my games within the next couple of weeks.