Gravitas VR updated

Just a quick little update to Gravitas VR.

  • Updated to Oculus SDK 1.6
  • Performance improvements with Unity's new Single Pass Stereo Rendering
  • Thrust is now on Triggers
  • Can now Roll the ship with shoulder buttons

Gravitas VR released for the Oculus Rift

I've created a new version of my physics toy, Gravitas, that works with the Oculus Rift. Get up-close and personal with gravity as you fly around inside of a realistic n-body simulation. 

I originally made the VR version of Gravitas for the Gear VR - but I guess it was a bit too weird and nerdy for the Oculus Home review team. It was rejected and never made it to the official store. No worries. The extra horsepower on a desktop PC lets you add 4 times as many boulders to the simulation and still hold the 75 FPS necessary for a smooth Rift experience. 

New version of Gravitas

I've updated Gravitas to v1.0! I've added:

  • A new play mode called Rock Tumbler - a simple bit of gravity-based eye candy.
  • Spacey background music. I went looking for some music to add to the game and realized that I had a bunch of my own tracks that would fit nicely with the theme. 
  • New main menu with options to turn the music and sound on and off.
  • More logical controls on Chunky Orbits. Now you can combine some of the options to create boulders that start with trails or the absorb effect.
  • Added a demonstration video

More new play modes are in the works. Check it out for Android on Google Play, or give it a try for free in your desktop browser.