New Fractal Oddities

I've been creating  all kinds of crazy, 3D fractal shapes for the past couple of years. Some of them have already made there way into Crashed Lander - most notably in the Flueron, Rococo Arch and LaMancha Ridge levels.  Here are a few more shapes that you'll be exploring in the final version.

New Tutorial: 3D print a Mandelbulb 3D fractal using ZBrush

I've had some people asking about my process for cleaning and prepping a 3D fractal shape for 3D printing so I made this informal tutorial. I show my general workflow for taking a 3D fractal shape that was created in Mandelbulb 3D and prepping it in ZBrush for use at a 3D printing service. I show how to prepare files for single-color, and full-color prints.