Crashed Lander v3beta3 - Options Menu!

Howdy Crashers. Another update to the 3.0beta. This feature was a long time coming - an actual options menu. All the game options plus a batch of new settings for graphics quality: shadows, anti-aliasing, vsync, fov, texture resolution. VR users can also adjust render scale or try the new Tunnel Vision and CamCage comfort options. 

Still a little work to do on the menus, but so far so good. Opt in to the v3 beta by right-clicking on Crashed Lander in your Steam library, choose Properties, click on Betas tab, then choose v3beta from the drop-down menu.

New beta version of Crashed Lander with support for Oculus runtime 0.7

I've posted another beta version of Crashed Lander for Windows that includes support for the Oculus runtime v0.7. I also went ahead and updated the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5, which turned out to be a *lot* of work. Big changes to the physics engine meant that I had to re-configure and re-jigger every active object in the game. Making the switch means that I get to use Unity's built-in support for the Rift which will make it much easier to keep up with changes to the Oculus SDK/runtime. 

Here's a run-down of what's changed in v2.6beta 

  • Updated game engine from Unity4 to Unity5 
  • Updated to version 2.6 
  • Convex mesh colliders on all game objects 
  • Re-configured all active obejcts with Physics based joints and springs 
  • Tri-planar shaders on all terrains - no more texture stretching 
  • New version of the Outside In level. 
  • Oculus Rift is now detected automatically. Use 'Play On Rift' launch option until the beta makes it to the main branch. 
  • Fixed problems with cursor on pause menu 
  • New fog effect on Jungle Fog levels

This update also includes changes from the previous Beta like: Smoother camera follow, new particle effects, FOV controls, and gamepad deadzone controls I did my best to duplicate the previous 'bouncy' feel of the ship, but it does feel slightly different than previous versions. Controls are just a bit snappier and the thrusters can take just a little more abuse before breaking. 

You can opt-in to the beta by right-clicking on Crashed Lander in your Steam client, choosing Properties, clicking on the Betas tab, and selecting 'beta" from the drop down menu. 

Updating Crashed Lander for Oculus runtime 0.7

Hello Crashers. Work continues on the next update, currently available in the Beta on Steam.

I've decided to go ahead and update the game to the Unity 5 engine (from Unity 4). This will help me keep current with the Oculus Rift integration as the actual commercial release of the Rift draws near. A lot of grunt work involved but so far the conversion is going well. There have been some big changes to the physics engine which require that I re-jigger some of the more complex physics setups. 

My dev time is limited these days since I have a new day job, but I still plan on supporting and improving Crashed Lander to the best of my abilities. I should be able to post a new beta update that works with the 0.7 Oculus runtime within a week or so. The next beta should also include fixes for the pause menu that were introduced in the last version. 

I'm also tinkering with a new tri-planar terrain shader that will eliminate the texture stretching that happens on steeper sections of the terrain. I might even have time to spruce up a couple of levels with the new physically based rendering and fancy lighting that's available in Untiy 5. 

New (beta) version of Crashed Lander

Howdy Crashers! I've posted a new version of Crashed Lander to the Beta channel for all platforms. This version includes a new camera system and a few other cosmetic changes. It also includes some player-suggestions additions like a toggle for inverted mouselook and adjustments for the gamepad deadzone. 

To opt-in to the beta channel: Right-click on the game icon in your library, choose Properties from the pop-up menu, click on the Betas tab, then choose the _beta option inthe drop-down menu. Your game should update itself to the new version automatically. 

New version of Sky Is Falling

If you do try the beta I'd love to hear how it's working for you. Drop a note over on the forums or send me a message at Once I'm sure that the new version is working I'll push it over to the main channel for everyone to play. 

July 6th - v2.6 beta 

  • New, smoother camera. The cam now zooms out a little as the lander speeds up and smooths out the transition when you turn sharply. Looks nice and should be more comfortable for some people in VR. 
  • New keys to control the gamepad deadzone - 0 and 9. This should help folks who have old, very loose gamepads. Player suggestion. 
  • New key to toggle inverted mousleook - V. Player Suggestion. 
  • New version of the Sky is Falling and Ring Runner Twins levels. The landscapers finally came by and spruced the place up. :) New particle effects on these levels, too. 
  • New path the the Ring Runner Horns level. 
  • Optimized the Jungle Fog levels. The old version was causing poor performance on the Rift, so I cleaned it up a bit and put in a more efficient fog effect. 
  • Both game modes now share the same control scripts. This will make it easier to make changes in the future. 
  • New Brain Blinks splash screen on load. Skippable with spacebar or mouseclick. 
  • Music is now off on the tutorial level. Player Suggestion. 
  • Fixed a glitch where game gets stuck in slow-motion mode when restarting. 
  • New particle effects when the lander explodes.

Crashed Lander launching on Steam today

Woohoo! I've finally navigated my through the Steam Greenlight jungle and am ready to launch Crashed Lander on Steam. Very excited to be getting my creation in front of many more game playing eyeballs. :) There's also a new version of the game (v2.5) with 10 new levels, smoother physics, and a fun reward system to help players track their progress through all 44 levels.

Gonna be a busy week as I keep track of new customers, promote the launch and deal with whatever problems crop up. Really not sure how many sales this will generate, but I am cautiously optimistic. I think I have a pretty good community built around my little game and I'm hoping that will help me stand out from the crowd of games on Steam. 

I've had to put XenoFarm on the back burner for a bit. All I can do to keep on top of Crashed Lander right now - but I'll be back diggin in the dirt this Spring.

Crashed Lander update

Hello Crashers! I wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and post a few bits of news. 

I've just posted another update to the VR demo and full VR version of the game. Oculus has updated the RIFT SDK and Unity pkugins several times over the last few months. I'm doing my best to stay current with the newest SDKs, but it does slow down my work on other updates. Good news is that the VR version is looking great! Lower motion latency, faster physics sim, and a few other improvements to go along with the 0.4.3 SDK. 

I'll be adding the updated physics sim to the monitor version soon. Right now my project files are kind of fractured. I currently have 4 separate versions of the game files which is making it hard to keep everything updated at once. This was caused by changes in the Unity plugin - I can't just toggle the VR cameras on and off like I could in older version. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. When I find it I can bring the projects back together and it will be much easier to roll out future changes to everyone at once. I'm still planning on some new levels, and those will be added as soon as I can get the monitor and VR version re-united. :) 

Greenlight votes are still trickling in, but we are still stuck at about 50%. o.O I appreciate all the support everyone has offered and I'm sure that Crashed Lander will be on Steam eventually - even if it takes the rumoured death of Greenlight to make it happen. o.O Just a reminder that everyone who purchases the game on my page will also get a Steam Key when I do finally make it there. 

Thanks again for all of your support and keep on Crashin! 
Don Whitaker 

New demo version of Crashed Lander for Oculus Rift DK2

I've posted a new DK2 compatible version of the Crashed Lander demo. I've had generally positive feedback on the 0.4.1 SDK versions of the full game so I decided it was a good time to update the demo. Both the demo and the full game are now using the 0.4.2 SDK. 

The demo is available for Windows and OSX and includes 6 full levels from the main game.  Grab it here: You can also still get the standard 'monitor' version of the demo. (^_^)

Crashed Lander Beta 2 is Ready

I've posted another new build of Crashed Lander! This one features fixes for various menu issues and gamepad controls plus 3 new levels. Crowd Control will have you herding spheres to make room to land. Rollin' is a simple physics puzzle. Seeker's Canyon is a huge level with a variety of alien artifacts and arcane structures to explore. It also features random landing pad locations - every time you play it will lead you on a new path of discovery. 

I'm getting very close to the final version now! Just a few more levels and some final touch-ups to go. The Ring Runner mode is coming along nicely, too - but I'm saving that for the final release.  (^_^)

Seeker's Canyon

Seeker's Canyon