Crashed Lander News

Hello Crashers. Here's and update about what's happening with Crashed Lander.

This last week has been the best week for sales of the game since it was released. The increased interest started off with a mention on my favorite website, Rock Paper Shotgun. Alec Meer didn't actually review or even play the game, but I'll take every bit of exposure I can get. :)  Crashed Lander is also being featured on the front page and Top Sellers list of which has been putting a lot of fresh eyeballs on the game. Sure is nice to see a little more action in the sales dept. - feels ike my game maybe hasn't gotten lost in the sea of new releases. 

Quite a few new Crashers are playing on the Oculus Rift, too. Last week I posted a new build that works with the DK2, and I just posted a second build that includes the newest 0.4.1 SDK.  Check your or IndieGameStand account for the new build. The software that runs the new goggles is a bit rough around the edges right now, but many people are having fun with the improved resolution and high refresh rate of the new units. I'll have a Mac version of the DK2 build in a few days and I'll continue to update as new SDKs are released. Still not sure when I'll be able to afford my own DK2, but testing on my DK1 seems to be working ok. 

Still on Greenlight. Still stuck at about 42%. Really haven't made much headway there at all lately, I seem to be getting passed up by newer, more aggressively marketed candidates. So many new releases that are shooting up the charts. Maybe I should make a zombie survival mod for Crashed Lander to get some attention. (^_^)

I have plans to add more levels to the game soon. Watch for an update in early September. I want to make a bunch of new Ring Runner levels - they are so much fun. :) I'm also thinking of a few Grab Bag levels that have some little twists in the gameplay that won't fit with the existing levels. BTW - I want to change the name of the Time Trials levels to something a bit more descriptive. Something like Pad Hopper, but that is kind of lame. If you have any ideas send 'em my way.

Keep on Crashin!

Don Whitaker