New beta version of Crashed Lander with support for Oculus runtime 0.7

I've posted another beta version of Crashed Lander for Windows that includes support for the Oculus runtime v0.7. I also went ahead and updated the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5, which turned out to be a *lot* of work. Big changes to the physics engine meant that I had to re-configure and re-jigger every active object in the game. Making the switch means that I get to use Unity's built-in support for the Rift which will make it much easier to keep up with changes to the Oculus SDK/runtime. 

Here's a run-down of what's changed in v2.6beta 

  • Updated game engine from Unity4 to Unity5 
  • Updated to version 2.6 
  • Convex mesh colliders on all game objects 
  • Re-configured all active obejcts with Physics based joints and springs 
  • Tri-planar shaders on all terrains - no more texture stretching 
  • New version of the Outside In level. 
  • Oculus Rift is now detected automatically. Use 'Play On Rift' launch option until the beta makes it to the main branch. 
  • Fixed problems with cursor on pause menu 
  • New fog effect on Jungle Fog levels

This update also includes changes from the previous Beta like: Smoother camera follow, new particle effects, FOV controls, and gamepad deadzone controls I did my best to duplicate the previous 'bouncy' feel of the ship, but it does feel slightly different than previous versions. Controls are just a bit snappier and the thrusters can take just a little more abuse before breaking. 

You can opt-in to the beta by right-clicking on Crashed Lander in your Steam client, choosing Properties, clicking on the Betas tab, and selecting 'beta" from the drop down menu.