Crashed Lander Dev Update

Last week I updated the XL Demo to include full controller support. You can now play the entire game without touching the keyboard or mouse. The controls feel good and are especially nice in VR mode. It's easier to get your fingers in the right place without lifting up the Rift to see what you're doing.  Check the Crashed Lander page for a full list of updates.

The VR community is still recovering from the big Oculus and Facebook announcement. Sure took me by surprise. o.O I'm looking at the deal optimistically - no reason to panic unless something actually goes wrong. It certainly puts Oculus on firmer footing.

Jungle Fog level is really living up to its name now. 

I took a break this week to clear my mind and gather some energy for the next stage of development. The basics of the game are strong at this point and It's time to fill it out with more levels. I have a long list of ideas to implement. My main goal is to add variety with new challenges, obstacles, and designs.

I'll also need to re-jigger the menus - again. :) I want to keep it all on one screen, but there's just no way to do that with the current 'big chunks of text' layout. I'm going to try a grid of numbered levels that reveal more information once they're selected. 

I'm also considering adding goals to the levels - something like the standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold stars you see in so many games. Seems a little cliche', but I think many people would appreciate some more obvious goals. Not everyone likes to set their own challenges.

Crashed Lander is still featured on the front page of the official Oculus Share site, which is awesome. If you've played the game with the Rift, please take a minute to go over there and rate the experience.  Thanks!