Brain Blinks Bulletin - Stuck in a Jam

Over a week into the Oculus Mobile VR Jam and I am struggling. Seems like my creative Muse has gone on vacation. o.O This is not unusual for me, I tend to make creative progress in frantic bursts but this is bad timing. Very frustrating.

Part of the problem might be the projects I'm interrupting to join the Jam. I'm feeling like I should just finish what I have on my plate before digging into something new. I'm going to take a few days this week and see if I can finish up one of my other projects. It's time I should be spending on the Jam, but maybe it'll clear my head and allow me to make better progress. 

Working a bit on Crashed Lander today. I have a few problems to fix and feature requests from players that I need to work on. It sure looks nice in my new DK2. :) I'm also working on a new camera script that should make it a more comfortable VR experience. The new camera eases in and out of turns more gradually which seems to make a big difference.  Updating to the newest Oculus SDK, too. 

Gravitas VR is all but done. Just need to finish up a few odds and ends then get it submitted to Samsung. Not really looking forward to the submission process - I'd much prefer an open store like Google Play. I don't really like the idea of getting permission to distribute my app.

I'm very happy with the app, though. It's even more 'up close and personal' than the regular Android version, it performs well, and Iooks good. Learned a lot about working with the Gear VR, too.