Crashed Lander update

Hello Crashers! I wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and post a few bits of news. 

I've just posted another update to the VR demo and full VR version of the game. Oculus has updated the RIFT SDK and Unity pkugins several times over the last few months. I'm doing my best to stay current with the newest SDKs, but it does slow down my work on other updates. Good news is that the VR version is looking great! Lower motion latency, faster physics sim, and a few other improvements to go along with the 0.4.3 SDK. 

I'll be adding the updated physics sim to the monitor version soon. Right now my project files are kind of fractured. I currently have 4 separate versions of the game files which is making it hard to keep everything updated at once. This was caused by changes in the Unity plugin - I can't just toggle the VR cameras on and off like I could in older version. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. When I find it I can bring the projects back together and it will be much easier to roll out future changes to everyone at once. I'm still planning on some new levels, and those will be added as soon as I can get the monitor and VR version re-united. :) 

Greenlight votes are still trickling in, but we are still stuck at about 50%. o.O I appreciate all the support everyone has offered and I'm sure that Crashed Lander will be on Steam eventually - even if it takes the rumoured death of Greenlight to make it happen. o.O Just a reminder that everyone who purchases the game on my page will also get a Steam Key when I do finally make it there. 

Thanks again for all of your support and keep on Crashin! 
Don Whitaker