Crashed Lander launching on Steam today

Woohoo! I've finally navigated my through the Steam Greenlight jungle and am ready to launch Crashed Lander on Steam. Very excited to be getting my creation in front of many more game playing eyeballs. :) There's also a new version of the game (v2.5) with 10 new levels, smoother physics, and a fun reward system to help players track their progress through all 44 levels.

Gonna be a busy week as I keep track of new customers, promote the launch and deal with whatever problems crop up. Really not sure how many sales this will generate, but I am cautiously optimistic. I think I have a pretty good community built around my little game and I'm hoping that will help me stand out from the crowd of games on Steam. 

I've had to put XenoFarm on the back burner for a bit. All I can do to keep on top of Crashed Lander right now - but I'll be back diggin in the dirt this Spring.