Crashed Lander Progress Report

I'm making good progress this week and having fun working on new levels. 16 levels are done and a few more in various stages of completion. I've also re-jiggered the main menu so I can fit everything on one screen. I'll be updating the playable Alpha this weekend for those that have supported me on IndieGoGo or pre-purchased. I'll also be updating the free demo to include gamepad support and other recent improvements.

New main menu

On my ToDo list for April:

  • Release new Alpha on the 20th - slipped to 23rd
  • More levels - I'd love to get another 6 done before May.
  • More realistic fire/explosions - the current cartoony versions don't really fit with the rest of the world
  • First test of the Ring Runner mode. 
  • Tutorial - I've been putting this off for way too long. o.O

Even though I didn't reach my IndieGoGo goal I still want to hit my June 15th release date, so I've decided to cut a couple of small features from my original plans. There will be no on-line leaderboard  - at least at launch. I underestimated the complexity of this feature, especially when compared to my coding skills. :)  

I've also realized that a global leaderboard doesn't really fit well with the 'challenge yourself and goof around' theme that I'm trying to instill in the game. I'd really rather have people competing against their own best scores.  If enough people really want on-line scores I can work on them after the initial release.

I'm also going to hold off on adding Achievements until I can get the game on Steam.  

Speaking of Steam, I'm still slogging my way through Greenlight. Not a whole lot of progress there lately, but I'm still getting plenty of positive comments. I'm hoping the release of the game will get me some more press coverage and a fresh wave of new Greenlight Thumbs. 

Strange new places to visit soon