BrainBlinks Update: I'm bad at blogging

Just noticed that I haven't posted a blog update here since November.  It's not that I haven't been busy making things, it's just that I forget to post about it here. :)

Let' see, since November I have...

Released v1.0 of Chunky Orbits. It's now out of Steam Early Access and fully compatible with Oculus Touch and Vive controllers. I Made a couple of new gameplay videos, too.

Released Crashed Lander v3.0. Now with 50 full levels, better VR support, new tutorial, new options menu, and all sorts of smaller improvements. 

Released the Brain Blinks Stockpile - a collection of free gamedev assets.

Created a video tutorial showing how to get the colors from your Oculus Medium sculpts into your other 3D apps.

Started work on my next VR project: XenoFarm. This is taking most of my time now. Should be ready to show an early build within a few weeks!

If you'd like more timely updates about my creative efforts you can follow me on Twitter. I post much more often there. :)