Brain Blinks Bulletin - You shall not pass

Today I found out why it's nice to have an open publishing system as opposed to a curated store - at least from the development side of things. My first Gear VR app was rejected for inclusion in the Oculus Home store.  The reviewers were basically confused by the app and felt like it was more of tech demo than a finished experience. 

Gravitas is a little odd, and I think they basically just didn't grok the idea. It's just a fun little toy and not intended to be educational - more of a curiosity. They didn't have any suggestions for changing the app to fit their expectations which gives me very little to go on if I wanted to make changes. I really don't want to make changes. I worked hard on the app and it functions and feels exactly as I intended.

I'll make a Rift compatible version and move on to my next idea. It'll be a fairly easy port. I'll just need to swap out the SDK and make a few adjustments to the control system. Not sure if I want to try another Gear VR app, though. This has dulled my enthusiasm for the Gear. I'll be very disappointed if Oculus locks down the consumer version of the Rift in a similar manner.