Updating Crashed Lander for Oculus runtime 0.7

Hello Crashers. Work continues on the next update, currently available in the Beta on Steam.

I've decided to go ahead and update the game to the Unity 5 engine (from Unity 4). This will help me keep current with the Oculus Rift integration as the actual commercial release of the Rift draws near. A lot of grunt work involved but so far the conversion is going well. There have been some big changes to the physics engine which require that I re-jigger some of the more complex physics setups. 

My dev time is limited these days since I have a new day job, but I still plan on supporting and improving Crashed Lander to the best of my abilities. I should be able to post a new beta update that works with the 0.7 Oculus runtime within a week or so. The next beta should also include fixes for the pause menu that were introduced in the last version. 

I'm also tinkering with a new tri-planar terrain shader that will eliminate the texture stretching that happens on steeper sections of the terrain. I might even have time to spruce up a couple of levels with the new physically based rendering and fancy lighting that's available in Untiy 5.