Brain Blinks Bulletin - Fail flavored jam

Bad News: My Mobile VR Jam entry is Fail. I had too many other projects going and not enough inspiration to go around. I feel kind of dumb for not clearing up my workload in preparation for the jam - a lot of money and attention up for grabs.

I'm not really cut out for game jams. I've kind of spoiled myself over the years by following my whims and letting my creative energies take me where they will. Not a great for on-demand productivity, but very good for the soul. I may be the slowest game developer on the planet, but I have very little stress. :)

Good News:  Gravitas for the Gear VR is done and I'm submitting to Oculus tomorrow. Just finishing up the screenshots and other submission materials tonight. Another great learning experience! I Really have a good handle on what the Gear is capable of and a better understanding of how to limit and execute my ideas to fit within the confines of mobile development. your face! your face!

Still trying to decide if I want to port Crashed Lander to the Gear VR. It would be a ton of work. Enough work that I might be better off just making a new (maybe similar) game.  Hmmm...