Gravity Garden alpha 4 released

Gravity Garden alpha 4 is posted and ready for farming.  Quick rundown of all the changes: 

  • Player can now harvest fruits from plants. Right-hand only for now. Grip button when your hand is near a ripe fruit. 
  • Fruits now give an indication when they are ripe.  More colorful and brighter is ripe.
  • Improved Clouds.  Now physics-enabled and more efficient. 
  • 14 new islands to find and explore.  Empty (for now)
  • 4 new farm-able islands. 
  • Velocity is transferred when player turns gravity belt off. 
  • Water and fertilizer particles now inherit velocity from player
  • Improved skyboxes

I also worked this month on some of the things players will find when exploring a new island. Keeping these under wraps for now so that I can have something juicy to reveal for my next big marketing push. These will be little bits of eye-candy, small self-contained experiences, new plants, and other WTFderful things. 

One of the new islands you might find in your Garden.

Still trying to work out how the player will deal with harvested fruits. Need a fun/easy way to turn them into seeds and other resources. So far my experiments have failed. :)  Next I'd like to try something attached to the players wrist that they can use to convert the fruits. 

I've been experimenting a little with the controls, too. I like the current setup, but I feel like it needs to be simpler. Confusing right now with the grip button vs the trigger button. Looking for some way that I can make them interchangable or otherwise define their functions more clearly.