Gravity Garden Alpha 8 - locomotion options

Removed the Full Body Avatar. I've been messing around with the player movement system and the avatar was requiring way too much attention. I had to tweak and adjust it along with every change I made. So it's gone for now , but may be back in the future. 

  • New "Artist's Palette" style menu. The Menu button opens the menu that's held in one hand as you select an icon with the opposite hand. 

  • Point at a seed or tool to see a short description and inventory amount

  • New Options tab on the menus. Lots of locomotion options:

    • Snap turn + angles

    • Smooth turn + speeds

    • Teleport

    • Free Movement + speeds

    • Swap move/rotate hands

    • steer with hand or face

    • swap hands for info text scree - coming soon.

  • Menus and controls are all fully ambidextrous.  Use anything with either hand.  

  • Revised movement system. Smoother when switching gravity on/off and overall more consistent between modes. 

  • Some tweaks to Teleport system, but it still needs work.

  • New cursors for grabbing, info, and menu selection. Should be easier to tell what you are pointing at. Player can still only grab ripe fruits. 

  • Basic sound effects when player bumps into things are skims across the ground. 

Really interested to hear what players think about the locomotion options. I know that everyone has their own prefernces when it comes to moving around in Vr and I want to  give as many options as I can.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.