Crashed Lander v3.1 with Steam Achievements and Global Leaderboards

I've just posted a big update with new features and lots of little bug fixes. Here's what's new:

  • Steam Achievements! There are 11 new goals to work for - from simple things like earning 3 stars on a level to completing all 50 levels in Hard Mode.
  • Global Leaderboards. Probably the most requested feature from players is finally here. The leaderboards are still empty, so now is a great time to make your mark. Also a great time to get the Number One achievement.  
  • Game progress now saved in the Cloud. You'll keep any progress you've made with the old system, and now it will also be stored on the Steam servers. 
  • Upgraded game engine to Unity v2017.2. Faster physics and better performance in VR.
  • Improved the Tutorial level. More info about the controls, quieter video.
  • New pause menu that also shows the global/local high scores
  • New Ringer Runner level 23. The last one was *way* too hard. 
  • Fixed a problem on main menu with launching a level more than once
  • Lander now tumbles and rolls once one of the tanks is broken.

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