Here's what's been happening in my virtual studio

I took a month off from game development - and most of my other projects, too. I needed to rest my brain and recharge my creative batteries. It's nice to just let ideas simmer in the back of my mind sometimes, makes for good progress when I get back on-task.

I'm working on XenoFarm, improving the simulated soil that the plants will call home. I've settled on three types of soil to go along with the other variables that will affect growth. All based on real life but simplified and abstracted to fit into the game world - and match my coding skills. I'm happy with the way the textures of the terrain will help communicate what's happening in the soil. With some experience, the player should be able to just look at the soil and know its type and how it needs to be worked.

Next on my list is the lights that will supply the energy. I have some fun ideas for colored lighting that will stand-in for seasons on the player's terraformed planetoid. After that, a few more prototype plants and then I'll get the player to harvest the fruits of her labour. :) My plan is to have a playable prototype of XenoFarm in January. 

I've also been working on an update to my Widdly Tinks game. I started messing with Unity's new UI system and that turned into a full-on remake of Widdly Tinks. The new version has a new interface, more game modes, customizable Tinks and spiffy new graphics. Should have that out by the end of the year.

Nothing new for Crashed Lander since the VR update last month. I'm still trying to find a good way to re-combine the VR and monitor versions of the game. Soon as I do I will be adding some new levels.

Fleuron is still a thing, just waiting for my mood to match up with my intentions. I don't often feel like talking on-camera so I generally just wait for the right mood to strike me. :)  If I don't then my delivery is just too bland and boring. Lots of fun stuff packed into the Toybox  next time.

Thanks for stoppin' by my studio!