Chunky Orbits early access beta 4

A new version of Chunky Orbits is ready for action. Now with 100% more fireball! (^_^)

What's new

  • Molten Chunk. A destructive projectile with fancy-schmancy particles.
  • Asteroid Belt. New option for rebooting your universe that spawns 150 small Absorbers that orbit a center stone.
  • The mini solar system Reboot now creates random orbits for the 3 planetoids plus a sparkly comet with eliptical orbit. 
  • Adjusted the menu positions so they are less likely to intersect your other hand when activating. 
  • Menus now disappear when you move away from them or spawn a new chunk. 
  • Fixed a case where chunks would get stranded in space and not included in the gravity calculations.

Just a couple more weeks of working on the sim. If you have a suggestions or feedback now is a good time to send 'em my way.

Getting a feel for Oculus Touch

I spent the day in VR getting used to my new Oculus Touch controllers. I threw them into one of my Unity physics toys and just goofed around a bit, trying out some of the functions, reading all of the buttons and sensors. 

Freakin amazing to have your hands in VR with you, really makes a big difference in the perceived 'presence' in the virtual space. 

I'll have more dev diaries coming soon - and also a big announcement for my next VR project.

Gravitas VR updated

Just a quick little update to Gravitas VR.

  • Updated to Oculus SDK 1.6
  • Performance improvements with Unity's new Single Pass Stereo Rendering
  • Thrust is now on Triggers
  • Can now Roll the ship with shoulder buttons

Crashed Lander v3beta3 - Options Menu!

Howdy Crashers. Another update to the 3.0beta. This feature was a long time coming - an actual options menu. All the game options plus a batch of new settings for graphics quality: shadows, anti-aliasing, vsync, fov, texture resolution. VR users can also adjust render scale or try the new Tunnel Vision and CamCage comfort options. 

Still a little work to do on the menus, but so far so good. Opt in to the v3 beta by right-clicking on Crashed Lander in your Steam library, choose Properties, click on Betas tab, then choose v3beta from the drop-down menu.

Crashed Lander v3.0 is ready for testing.

Howdy Crashers. I've been working on another big update for Crashed Lander - version 3.0! This version includes all of the updates from the past year, plus: 

  • Spiffy new menus - the old ones were wonky. Built the new ones using Unity's UI tools and a little more planning.  Cool 360 panoramas give you a glimpse of the level before loading. 
  • Improved VR support. Now works easily on monitor, Rift, and Vive. 
  • First person camera. Often requested and quite a bit of fun. Switch cameras with the B button or C key 
  • Pause button fully pauses the game. The slow motion was neat but hard to go get a cup of coffee before you crashed and burned. 
  • New levels on the way later this week. 

    You can try out the v3beta for WIndows now. Just right-click on the game in your Steam Library, choose Properties, click the Betas tab, then choose v3beta from the dropdown menu. I'll start a thread in the forums for feedback and suggestions. I'd especially like to hear from VR players, and anyone playing on slower machines with integrated graphics cards. 

    Forum Thread for Feedback

Testing SteamVR support for Crashed Lander.

People have been asking for a Vive version of Crashed Lander. I don't have a Vive yet, but I've gone ahead and posted a SteamVR build of the game. Still some kinks to work out but it's working ok on bot the Rift and Vive.

You can opt-in to the beta version: right-click  on the game in your Steam library, choose Properties, click the Betas tab, and choose the betaopenvr channel. The game should update and you should be able to see it in your list of VR games. 

New beta version of Crashed Lander with support for Oculus runtime 0.7

I've posted another beta version of Crashed Lander for Windows that includes support for the Oculus runtime v0.7. I also went ahead and updated the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5, which turned out to be a *lot* of work. Big changes to the physics engine meant that I had to re-configure and re-jigger every active object in the game. Making the switch means that I get to use Unity's built-in support for the Rift which will make it much easier to keep up with changes to the Oculus SDK/runtime. 

Here's a run-down of what's changed in v2.6beta 

  • Updated game engine from Unity4 to Unity5 
  • Updated to version 2.6 
  • Convex mesh colliders on all game objects 
  • Re-configured all active obejcts with Physics based joints and springs 
  • Tri-planar shaders on all terrains - no more texture stretching 
  • New version of the Outside In level. 
  • Oculus Rift is now detected automatically. Use 'Play On Rift' launch option until the beta makes it to the main branch. 
  • Fixed problems with cursor on pause menu 
  • New fog effect on Jungle Fog levels

This update also includes changes from the previous Beta like: Smoother camera follow, new particle effects, FOV controls, and gamepad deadzone controls I did my best to duplicate the previous 'bouncy' feel of the ship, but it does feel slightly different than previous versions. Controls are just a bit snappier and the thrusters can take just a little more abuse before breaking. 

You can opt-in to the beta by right-clicking on Crashed Lander in your Steam client, choosing Properties, clicking on the Betas tab, and selecting 'beta" from the drop down menu.